The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) involves contractors withholding funds from payments made to subcontractors, which are subsequently remitted to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). These deductions serve as prepayments towards the subcontractor’s tax and National Insurance obligations. The intricacies of tax calculations, particularly within the scope of CIS, are intricate and necessitate the expertise of professionals to prevent the imposition of excessive tax burdens.


Adopting effective financial and accounting practices is not merely a preference but an essential component of driving profitability and growth for any business. This underscores the need for highly skilled accountants who possess not only a wealth of experience but also specialization in your specific industry. Our specialized accounting service tailored for dentists in London empowers you to maintain control over your finances, reduce your tax burdens.


As a dedicated medical professional, your primary focus is on patient care and staying updated with the latest medical knowledge. However, this intense commitment to your practice can sometimes lead to challenges in managing other aspects of your healthcare business. Our services aim to alleviate this burden. We will efficiently handle and maintain your financial accounts, ensuring they remain current and compliant with all necessary regulations. Our support extends to organizing your day-to-day finances .


As an IT Contractor, you may be worried about financial affairs and tax management. Paying tax in the right manner and in the right time is essential for any IT Contractor, avoiding any penalties and avail rebates. All your worries can come to an end if you put your trust in our IT Contractors Accountants at Moonstone Accountants. We at Moonstone Accountants take care of all the accounting and taxation issues for our IT Contractor clients, ensuring quality work and support whenever needed.


As a nurse, choosing to operate through your own limited company is the most tax-efficient approach compared to being on agency payrolls or joining an umbrella company. Profits generated by your company are subject to a 20% tax rate for earnings up to £300,000 per annum, and depending on your income withdrawals, you might not have additional tax liabilities. This option offers several advantages, including a high demand for your services, the flexibility to set your own work schedule and location, and opportunities to broaden your professional expertise. Our team of dedicated accountants will collaborate closely with you, delivering a friendly yet professional service to address all your company-related requirements and offer valuable guidance.


As a restaurant or takeaway owner, the demands of your business may leave you with limited time to handle all the bookkeeping and accounting tasks on your own. Moreover, the ever-changing regulations can make it challenging to stay compliant. To ensure the smooth financial operation of your establishment and prevent potential issues, it’s crucial to partner with expert accountants who possess both experience and specialization in your specific industry. With our assistance, restaurant and takeaway owners in London can delegate the accounting responsibilities, allowing you to concentrate on other critical facets of your enterprise. Serving as dedicated Restaurant and Takeaway Accountants, we provide a comprehensive array of services . 


At Moonstone Accountants, we collaborate with clients hailing from diverse backgrounds in the cab industry, be it mini-cab operators, black cab drivers, or private car hire drivers. Our extensive experience and expertise in serving a variety of cab professionals enable us to provide unique, customized solutions to effectively manage your accounting .


Whether you are a property rental, a professional buy-to-let landlord or simply a individual renting your home, our specialist accountants for landlord and property rental will support and advise you on all the related areas of your rental activity. Our years of experience serving landlord and property rental business  helps through many ways.


Our presence is much more than a distant email or voicemail, by working hand in hand to achieve your goals we can assist you to:

  1. Save taxes
  2. Keep your books and tax returns according to the Regulatory Authority
  3. Manage your business accounts throughout the year
  4. Keep you updated with latest financial amendments to your interest
  5. Give you full access to expert knowledge and support
  6. Offer Accountants in London at reasonable price
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